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Dr. Chapman - Urgent Care

If you are a rostered patient of Dr Chapman and require URGENT (same day) care there is a FHO physician available Monday to Friday from 5pm-8pm. Please present to the below locations prior to 7 pm to be seen as walk in appointment.  


URGENT care is also offered on Saturday between 9 am-

12 pm, you must be registered prior to 11 am.

Be aware you may see a different physician depending on the day.


This is for in-person URGENT visits only

Locations for walk-in:

Locations for walk-in:
Monday - 99 Kakulu Road Suite 204 (Upstairs)
Tuesday  - 99 Kakulu Road, Suite 103 (Med-Team Clinic)
Wednesday - 99 Kakulu Road Suite 204 (Upstairs)
Thursday - 99 Kakulu Road Suite 103 (Med-Team clinic)
Friday - 737 Silver Seven Road Unit 8

Saturday Urgent Walk in - (Med-Team Clinic) 9am-12pm only.                                                          You must be registered by 11am.


These appointments are NOT for: Form Completion                                                                                                         Prescription Renewals                                                                                                 Test Results                                                                                                                   Chronic Issues/Ongoing Issues                                                                                  Immunizations 

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