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Dr. Woodhouse: Register For Online Booking

Please use the following link to be directed to online booking for Dr. Woodhouse. You will be prompted to login to your secure patient profile.

If you have not yet registered for an online account, you can still book an appointment by going below the login section to where it says 'Don't have an account?'. After you complete your booking, there will be a prompt at the bottom recommending that you complete registration for future use.

"PHN" is your health card number. Only enter the numbers - no spaces, dashes or letters. Your activation code is the first 4 digits of your health card number.

Once you have registered for an account and logged in, you can register additional family members under 15 years old onto the same account by clicking on 'Connected Accounts'. For any family members over 15 years old, they will need to register for their own account with a separate email by CLICKING HERE.

If you are having trouble with online booking, you can find a 'Need Help?' button at the bottom right on the Pomelo website. You can still call the clinic at 613-592-1448 to book an appointment, however, phone lines can be very busy and online booking is the preferred method for booking and managing your appointments.

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